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Desert Bus pre-show

by Molly Lewis on November 15, 2013, no comments

Oh crap! Tonight (11/15) I’m playing a free web streaming freakin’ live show to help kick-off Desert Bus For Hope. I’m bad at announcing things! The Doubleclicks will also be playing a set, and you should listen to their theme song for Desert Bus because it’s so catchy that it’s going to make you angry.

GeekGirlCon this weekend!

by Molly Lewis on October 15, 2013, no comments

I’m attending GeekGirlCon again this year, and (most excitingly) I forked over money to have a table! at a real con! It’s very exciting for me because it’s my first time officially Tabling At A Con and now I’m not afraid to fork over money for tables at other cons— and plan to do so […]

Live album is LIVE.

by Molly Lewis on June 22, 2013, no comments

Today’s the big day! I’ve never “dropped” an album before! I’m really stoked. THE SHORT VERSION: A new live album from the graduation show! You can download it now, & or order a CD and still download it now for no extra money! Aubrey Webber (of The Doubleclicks) mastered it and it sounds much nicer […]


by Molly Lewis on June 4, 2013, no comments

Dammit Liz just reminded me that I haven’t mentioned this on my website. THIS IS WHY THEY PAY HER THE BIG BUCKS, PEOPLE! In an effort to add a real, physical deadline for writing new songs, I’m trying to host a series of shows in Seattle, wherein I promise to present new material at each […]


by Molly Lewis on May 31, 2013, no comments

So today I’m excited to roll out my latest Thing I’ve Been Working On! Last year I wanted to go out of college with a bang, and so Dammit Liz helped me to put together a big musical graduation party, and we called it “Molly Lewis’s Big Musical Graduation Party.” I found out a few […]