Live album is LIVE.

by Molly Lewis on June 22, 2013, no comments

Today’s the big day! I’ve never “dropped” an album before! I’m really stoked.


  • A new live album from the graduation show!
  • You can download it now, & or order a CD and still download it now for no extra money!
  • Aubrey Webber (of The Doubleclicks) mastered it and it sounds much nicer than any of my other stuff.
  • I also have a small batch of posters left from said graduation show! (pictured at right)
  • is helping me to ship the CDs and posters, and it’s going to be awesome.
  • If you’re in the Seattle metro area, you can get a copy of the album at my SoulFood Books to show on Saturday the 29th, and also hear NEW SONGS??
  • You can listen to the whole album on Bandcamp for free!


The live album from my graduation show, The Same Old Songs, But Live, is hitting the internet shelves TODAY. (And thanks to the good people at, they can soon be on actual shelves too! More on that later.) The new album is available right now on Bandcamp as either a DRM-free download or a CD. (And when you purchase a CD through Bandcamp, you also get a digital copy anyway, which is pretty cool.) And even if you don’t want to part with your earth money just yet, you can listen to the whole thing for free on the site (or the player embedded above). Everybody wins!

And a NEW thing! For a limited time, there are posters from said graduation show, also available on Bandcamp. They’re from the same printing batch that we had at the event, and once they are gone they are GONE.

The CDs and posters are being shipped by, an order fulfillment house for independent nerd-type musicians. They come to me highly recommended by folks like Marian Call and Tricky Pixie. They’re in no small part responsible for logistics and fulfillment on Marian’s awesome Kickstarter, and I’m really looking forward to working with them because they seem to have their sh*t together in all the ways that I don’t.

If you’re in the Seattle metro area, you can grab a copy of the new album at SoulFood Books in Redmond on the 29th, when I’m doing a show with some other local ladies. The show will also feature Sarah Shay, a fellow uke-playing geek songstress, and Katie Tinney, whose voice is soulful beyond her years. And for this show only, I’m pulling an unreleased song out of cobwebs that have never been played live before; it’s probably the most esoteric and bookish thing I’ve written yet, and you won’t want to miss it.

And apropos of nothing, I’ve finally figured out how to use Songkick, which means I can keep my gig information accurate. Huzzah!