by Molly Lewis on May 31, 2013, no comments

So today I’m excited to roll out my latest Thing I’ve Been Working On!

Last year I wanted to go out of college with a bang, and so Dammit Liz helped me to put together a big musical graduation party, and we called it “Molly Lewis’s Big Musical Graduation Party.”

I found out a few months later that they had recorded most of the audio for the show, direct from the sound board. Liz forked over the audio to me promptly, and over the last couple months I’ve been working on freshening it up to make a shiny new LIVE ALBUM.

I’m excited because the show was really great and fun! and meaningful and special! and I had a real live band! of actual musicians! :O I was joined by Seattle-based nerdfolk duo Vixy & Tony, their friends Betsy Tinney and Sunnie Larsen bringing the stringed awesomeness, and Jason Finn on the drums (including a rendition of Our American Cousin that I am so excited for you to hear). And it so happens The Triple Door is set up amazingly for live album recording (you may recall that the live Road Trip track from I Made You A CD was recorded there), so I landed in all kinds of pots of jam on this one. On top of that, The Doubleclicks’ own Aubrey Webber mastered all the tracks, and they sound bee-yoo-tiful.

There’s going to be a physical CD (it’s probably printing right this minute), and I’m going to try distributing it through this CD Baby thing I hear so much about. I laid out the album art and notes myself, with some beautiful photos from the show that Rasmus Rasmussen took. This has been a weirdly big and exciting undertaking for me, and I’m excited to finally share it with you.

It’s available for pre-order now on Bandcamp! The album will “drop” officially on June 22nd, the anniversary of the show and also of Ukulady Nerd Musician officially becoming my job.