OH MAN conventions.

by Molly Lewis on August 12, 2014, no comments

Ok, so my schedule for this summer has been UNCHARACTERISTICALLY BUSY. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you.

I did a show during San Diego ComicCon with Marian Call, and we also did a ninja gig between an elevator and a taco truck.

I played a feature set at LeakyCon Orlando. (YOU GUYS LeakyCon was THE MOST FUN. Imagine VidCon but without all the problems? That’s LeakyCon.) They also hooked me up with a ticket to wander the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter after hours, which is incontrovertibly the best perk I’ve ever gotten from a con. Your move, Every Other Con Ever.

(EveryOtherCon would be a pretty good name for a con.)

AND IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. Tomorrow I fly out for GenCon in Indianapolis, where I’ll be playing a show and picking up a copy of Cash N Guns. (If you pick up a copy before I do and they sell out I WILL fight you.) It’s my first GenCon, and all I know about it is that there’s horseradish, and a statue of John Wooden giving a pep talk to some legs.

I also will have a solo panel show at DragonCon, and will be part of some of the same panels I always do (The Gonzo Quiz Show, the Fred Entertainment Panel, competitive hugging), but in traditional DragonCon style, I won’t actually know when and where these things are until about 2 weeks out. They’ll be on my shows page once I do know!

Lately I’ve been using a service called Remind to keep interested parties in the loop during cons, without spamming people on Twitter who aren’t at the con. Remind is a tool that was designed for teachers to send text reminders to their students, but there’s nothing that says a ukulelist (ukuletrix? ukulady?) can’t use it.

  • If you’re going to GenCon, text (425) 954-2469 with the code “@mollycon”.
  • If you’re going to DragonCon, text (425) 954-2469 with the code “@mollylewis”.

I’m still working out the specific details, but I’ll be playing musics at XOXO Fest in Portland this year, and I’ll also have a table at GeekGirlCon. More details to come.

Also, you should mark your calendar for November 19th. There’s a cool thing happening in Seattle that day.