by Molly Lewis on June 4, 2013, no comments

Dammit Liz just reminded me that I haven’t mentioned this on my website. THIS IS WHY THEY PAY HER THE BIG BUCKS, PEOPLE!

In an effort to add a real, physical deadline for writing new songs, I’m trying to host a series of shows in Seattle, wherein I promise to present new material at each and every show. For the foreseeable future they’re going to be every other month (speaking of which, we need to just decide as English-speakers what “bimonthly” means, because “every other month” and “twice a month” are VERY TOTALLY SUPER DIFFERENT), but my long game is to become such a productive song factory that I can swing one every month.

It’s in this lovely “listening room” in the aft of this bar called Copper Gate in Ballard. You may know Ballard from its Kingdom Of Cards, or for its how it used to be where Archie McPhee was, or from that that Seattle-based sketch show that nobody watched.

If you like boobs and vikings, you’re going to love the Copper Gate. I’m actually neutral on both of these subjects, but the Copper Gate incorporates both with tastefulness and panache.
Did I mention that the door to the listening room is shaped like a giant vagina? It is. But again, tastefulness and panache.

I’m excited but mostly terrified. It feels good to be terrified, though, and I think it’s healthy to be terrified every once in a while.

Hope to see you there!