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New video: The Year Of The Beard!

by Molly Lewis on March 4, 2014, no comments

NEW VIDEO! My first For Reals Music Video-type video! This song’s an oldie but a goodie, called “The Year Of The Beard,” written for my (exceptionally beardly) friend Atom Moore‘s birthday a couple of years ago. He and Mikey Neumann helped me shoot this video during JoCo Cruise Crazy IV, and we enlisted the help of dozens of bearded individuals […]


by Molly Lewis on November 16, 2012, no comments

Hey there. I’m Molly. It’s nice to meet you. Since the front page is typically outdated and uninteresting, I decided to create a page to introduce myself. I play the ukulele (among other things) and sing. You can find the rest of my videos here, if you’d like. I update this blog when I have big […]

PAX09: The Wrath Of Con

by Molly Lewis on September 10, 2009, no comments

Every day I check to see if any new pictures or videos have gone up. And so far I don’t have PAXflu. [knock on wood] I ended up falling heir to an unused PAX badge about a week before, so I already knew I was going to show up and sort of planned to surprise […]