by Molly Lewis on June 18, 2010, no comments

Now there are shiny mp3 downloads available for purchase!
Originally they were on E-Junkie at 192kpbs, and then I upgraded them to 320kbps, AND I busted my hump figuring out what FLAC files are/how to make them. But then E-Junkie was a poophead and wanted me to pay $20 a month in order to sell more than 10 things, and so I told E-Junkie where to stick it, packed all my things, and moved in with Bandcamp.
You can even preview the tracks before you buy them now! Revolutionary!
E-Junkie can bite my metaphorical wiener.

Ok, I’m done now.

MyHope and Road Trip were recorded in an actual studio in December of 2008. All the others are taken directly from their source files. Isn’t technology fabulous?

All songs written by Molly Lewis and licensed under Creative Commons Attiribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.