Shit is getting so real!

by Molly Lewis on May 4, 2012, no comments

Finals week of my last semester as a full-time college student is approaching, and after that, I have to take a summer class for 6 weeks to wrap up one last unit to complete the graduation requirements, and then I receive my degree and I am out of here like Steve Martin.

I guess it’s traditional to ask a graduating senior what their post-college plans are.  My friends have answers like “I’m going to grad school” or “I’m doing Teach For America” or “I landed a job,” but my answer is “I’m doing a show at the Triple Door with all my friends.”

I’m excited and terrified to announce Molly Lewis’s Big Musical Graduation Party at The Triple Door in Seattle on June 24th.  There will be superfriends, there will be lots of alcohol, and most importantly, there will be music. Probably like 2.5 hours of music, at least.

Here is the Facebook event page, and the official Triple Door event page where you can buy tickets.

I’m so excited… I’m so scared!